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A catch up

The big news I suppose is that I managed to sell my car for more money than I was expecting. While the past me would've taken the money and bought an iMac and lots and lots of cooked breakfasts, I did the boring thing and paid off a big debt that was eating a fair bit of my monthly wage, paid off the whole of my water bill and paid back some money that I borrowed. I treated myself, twice, buying some amazing Sennheiser PX100 II headphones and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (yeah, I know) but, aside from Christmas presents, I haven't seen a penny. I now have spent all of the money. Yes, I have very little to show for it, but you know, I'm sleeping at night without worrying about what's coming through the door now. And that's a great feeling.

Probably as a result of me getting some great headphones, I have rediscovered my love of music in quite a big way this week. I was watching one of those Best of the Old Grey Whistle Test programmes on BBC4 and watched a performance from a singer called Judee Sill, who I'd never heard of. This was the song that was played:

I don't think I've ever heard anything more beautiful in my life. I went and looked her up on Spotify and listened to her two albums and loved them both, in their entirety. I was compelled by her very sad life.

Judee Sill learned to play music in a reform school that she was sent to after participating in a series of armed robberies to fund a heroin habit that, in turn lead her to prostitution, amongst other things. She was the first artist signed to David Geffin's Asylum label, but failed to make a commercially successful record. She faded into obscurity before a car accident in the late 70s left her in so much pain that she resorted back into narcotics (because of her previous drug conviction, she was deemed unfit for prescribed painkillers). Judee Sill died of a cocaine overdose in Hollywood in 1979 aged 35.

From this, I was advised by the amazing fridge_buzz_now to listen to Karen Dalton, Dusty Springfield and Vashti Bunyan. And you know what? It was all amazing. I currently enjoying music more than I can ever remember. If anyone has any recommendations, please share. At the moment, 60s and 70s folk is my bag but feel free to rec' anything.

My cats are both doing well, with Hugo proving to be a lively and friendly little thing who is fit and healthy. Milo is beginning to be more friendly to his little brother, though does still tend to get fed up of Hugo constant need to spar with him. But things are going very well indeed.

I think that's everything. How are you?


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Dec. 12th, 2011 10:02 pm (UTC)
What I don't understand is how such amazing music gets completely ignored. Much as I love discovering new previously unheard of music, this stuff really shouldn't be so obscure.
Dec. 14th, 2011 09:02 pm (UTC)
Just think: Judee would probably be making music today if it weren't for that court that wouldn't give her painkillers. Very sad. Her voice is so lovely, but if I had to pick a favorite out of the singers I recommended to you, I'd have to give it to Vashti. She makes me cry.
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