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I have nothing much to say, but feel the desire to update. So let's just see what happens. I'm what Oscar Wilde said IN REVERSE.

This morning I woke up a couple of times and felt my usual anxiety about being awake (which is nothing out of the ordinary for any of us) but had a sudden realisation that I have, at the moment, absolutely nothing to be anxious about. Yesterday I had to make a phone call about my council tax (which I always hate doing) and they were very accommodating and did exactly what I wanted them to. I also had to call British Gas as I currently spend almost 20% of my monthly income on gas and electricity and wanted to save some money. They were a lot less helpful, telling me that this more or less reflects what I use. I am doubtful of this though, as who the fuck spends £101 a month on electricity? They are compiling a new bill based on my meter readings though, so I suppose time will tell.

My new year's resolution was to watch more movies, which, so far, is going pretty well. I'm slightly cross at myself for only watching two movies this year that I have never seen before, but so far I'm up to 10, so that's not so bad. I'm very thrilled and pleased that Kate has watched The Godfather Trilogy with me, as it means that I can talk about it at length with someone. The depth of those movies is breathtaking. The first one is one of the absolute best movies that I have ever seen. My advice is to watch the entire trilogy twice, in quick succession, as you can spot all of the oh so subtle moments that are littered throughout the movies. Francis Ford Coppola was my age when he directed them, you know. Puts my life into sharp perspective.

I'm very much looking forward to the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, which is released tomorrow. Metal Gear Solid 3 is one of my favourite games of all time and the thought of it upgraded to look smoother and run faster is making me chomp at the bit. I am in a quandary as to whether I want to go out tomorrow and buy a physical copy or simply download it from the PlayStation Network (it's also available on Xbox 360, but for me MGS is, and always will be, a PlayStation game). I tend to prefer to have physical copies of games, but if I download then I can get it at midnight and might even save a small amount of money. I did this with the Ico/Shadow of the Colossus Collection, but I think that might've been on a special offer. Decisions decisions. In other gaming news, Kate and I bought Final Fantasy VIII from the PSN, which I am quite enjoying. It was only £3.99, so it seemed a bit rude not to. I'm also playing Saints Row: The Third, which is kind of fun, but so utterly puerile that it makes me a little bit cross.

No work for me this week as I'm on leave, so I'm having a bit ol' rest. It's great. People go on about the importance of holidays and having time to get things sorted out, but I can't think of much better than having the time to rest, absorb things that I love, go to bed and get up when I want and be around Kate and the cats. Maybe I'm quite easy to please. I do hope to go away with Kate somewhere this year though. We are thinking about going to see my dad in Irelend for our wedding anniversary or maybe just having a couple of nights away somewhere in this country. Nice as resting at home is, there are very few occasions where Kate and I actually get an entire day to ourselves, so going away is nice for that.

Think that's it. I'll leave you with Seals and Crofts.

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